The Edge on Strategy:
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The Edge on Strategy provides content writing services for clients around the world. We use our strategic approach to Listen, Communicate and Inform. 

Our focus is on creating original, authentic, written content including:

  • Website Content
  • Blog Posts
  • Articles
  • eBooks
  • Reports
  • White Papers

In addition to content writing services, we also work with our clients setting up content marketing strategies and strategic plans consistent with their overall business objectives. 

The Edge on Strategy is a content rich site with over 100 pages of information on strategy and strategic planning and how to do more with less. Our blog, Notes from the Edge, provides dozens of articles on creativity, writing and strategy. New pages are being added to both the blog and content site weekly. 

What is Strategy?

Strategic Plans

Content Marketing

Content Writing Services
A Strategic Approach

We  Listen with Strategy.

We take a strategic approach to our content writing services.  We begin each project by listening and engaging you so we can find the voice and message that clearly represents the vision and direction of your organization. 

Strategy helps you take control of your Choices, Actions and Outcomes.  The Edge on Strategy provides the tools you need to:

  • make intelligent, informed Choices
  • follow up with deliberate, focused Actions
  • achieve your most desired Outcomes.

When you work with us you not only receive the benefits of our content writing services. You will have access to the tools you need to form a living, breathing, Strategy. A Strategy that will grow a richer, more fulfilling, business and life. An efficient, focused, life where you set your own priorities, work you own hours, and never miss another priceless moment because you were stuck in an office.

A life of unlimited potential, and freedom.

"Sam is a great person to work with as a team member, and he is very detail oriented."

"I found that he was was patient when we had to look over time consuming documents.

Lois Williams, Health Director at Yunesit'in Government Health

Sam Edge & Family - Team Meeting.

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Communicating With eCommerce

We Communicate with eCommerce.

The Edge on Strategy is a digital platform that focuses on digital solutions.

We feed our strategy with eCommerce - website platforms, email campaigns, delivery systems & online payment solutions are the water and nutrients that feed our eBusiness. 

We use the tools of eCommerce for communication between strategy and content. Without communication nothing happens. We look for relationships between people, places and things and how we can encourage conversations and share ideas.

We use eCommerce to reduce friction - to exchange goods and services effortlessly. We use strategy to make laser-focused choices, take low-risk & high-reward actions, and achieve our Most Wanted Responses (MWRs).

This system is reinforced with high-quality, authentic, content in our brand websites and blogs.

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Informing with Content

We Inform with Content

People will always gravitate to Content that Informs. We plant seeds of our Content in the fertile ground of Strategy - new ideas grow and prosper. They take on their own lives, and manifest abundance effortlessly. 

An apple tree doesn't try to grow into a tree - it grows effortlessly.

But Beware! Thorn bushes grow just as easily as apple trees. We ensure our seeds of content set in motion the kind of growth we want - our apples are Most Wanted Responses (MWRs).

The MRWs we plant are:

  1. To buy your product or service,
  2. To sign up for your newsletter,
  3. To fill out your survey,
  4. To share your content.

All seeds are different - a 'purchase seed' won't grow 'subscription tree'. We must plant the proper seed if we expect to grow our MWR gardens.

Once successful, we have a foundation of useful, informative, content - expanding and contracting in a cycle that begins and ends with strategy.

We tend and nurture our business as it grows. We pay attention. Over time we make adjustments - each part feeding the other in a relationship of mutual benefit.

Strategy & The 80/20 Rule

We Focus our Activities

The 80/20 rule states: "80% of our benefits come from 20% of our activities". Strategy helps us focus on that 20%. 

Whether you are a CEO, a single working parent, or a little league coach - the principles of strategy are the same - principles such as: value, focus, competition, advantage and position.

Join the Edge on Strategy today, and take control of your Choices, Actions and Outcomes.  Sign up for monthly ezine, "Strategics" and get articles, updates, and the Free eBook "5 Planning Steps to Success"

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"If good organization, clear communication and hands on style are qualities you are looking for then I highly recommend Sam. We've collaborated on more than one project and the quality of his work is something I strive to achieve myself." Greg Austin, Manager, Revelstoke Golf Course Manager

If you are just getting started on building your eBusiness, or if you have been struggling to gain momentum - I can help. I can work with you to putting together a strategy and then provide the content writing horsepower you need to put it into action. 

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I am located in British Columbia, Canada and operate on Pacific, Vancouver, Time Zone.

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"(Sam) is a high energy personality with comprehensive understanding of  Land Development, Earth Sciences, and Community Planning. He is a versatile, valuable, team member" Eric Gunderson Northwest Environmental Group.

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